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About Us


If you were looking for an exceptional company that makes jewelry for those living on the edge of the conventional, you just found it!
We are a select group of mega skilled craftsmen capable of creating your dream piece of jewelry.



Our Mission 


"To provide the ultimate jewelry shopping experience through our obsessive commitment to quality and exceptional customer service"
Seriously, we live our mission statement! If any day we fail to delight our clients, then there would be no reason for us to stay in business.


Twisted Love was co-founded by Juan and Iz, who have been friends for a very long time.
Juan, with more than eleven years of experience decided to leave the renowned Tiffany & Co. to start his own business venture back in 2011, founding Serenade Diamonds and MoissaniteRings.com . Since then he has been designing and crafting stunning pieces of jewelry from his private studio in the heart of Manhattan. 
Iz owns and operates the successful Iz&Co. A breakthrough brand that has become an icon for those who want to stay away from the ordinary. In a repetitive bridal industry where the options are so limited, Iz&Co. became the place to go for a badass alternative to the traditional Engagement Ring. 
In their great journey of working at the very high end of the jewelry industry and having so many years of combined experience, Juan and Iz decided to co-start a new brand dedicated to their love for tattoos, music, art, movies and of course making jewelry.
Twisted Love is a brand just for awesome people that brings something different to the table. Our jewelry skills and materials are eveything that most others can only hope to have. This is not to brag or sound pretentious, but after many years of blood, sweat and tears we are extremely proud about it. The second that you open your package you will exactly know why...


Twisted Love.



Our Secret Formula


Our Technology
Nobody recognizes more than us the growing role of computer technology in the creation of jewelry.
Our products are superior because we are constantly involving the use of advanced software and sophisticated devices. The level of precision and refinement that we offer will never be matched by the average jeweler.
Our Materials
All our precious metals  are 100% recycled. Only earth friendly casting houses and refineries provide us with the highest quality of metals. 
Our People
Twisted Love's team is composed of an elite group of professionals in the business. This is the Heart and Soul of this Company!
To ensure outstanding quality, decades of experience go into every handcrafted piece. Only the top polishers, jewelers, and stone setters in the industry will accomplish the task.